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Firearm Marking or Etching/Engraving

Marking to NFA Standards


1. Firearm Restrictions - Liberty Laser LLC does have an FFL issued by the ATF.   You may mail me the part or parts to be marked/engraved.  However due to federal law, I will need to return it to another FFL holder in your area.  I would prefer that complete firearms not be delivered to us.

2. We do mark to NFA specifications regarding Trusts. Note that any Trust information to be marked on a firearm or firearm component is provided by the owner and is the responsibility of the owner for accuracy and compliance with the applicable law.  For Etching/Engraving a depth of at least .003 and deeper is available.  If Anodize bleaching is prefered, this assumes your firearm is hard anodized to a depth of at least .003 (industry standard). 

3. Liberty Laser LLC can work with you to engrave your organization or corporate logo, military markings, or special theme. Specific design services can be quoted on request.   You can now have your firearms laser engraved with your name, organization name or identification example: police department, company or organization logo or any other information or identification you want on your firearm.

4. Two - Five day turn-around on most firearms - call for appointment.

5. *NEW* Etching/Engraving process: We now have the capability to deep engrave/etch to depths of .003 and beyond. The laser is a non-contact form of etching in which a laser machine directs a laser beam as small as 0.002” in diameter to permanent Etch/Engrave down into the metal.

6. *NEW* We now have the capability to Mark/Etch/Engrave most any firearm or knive.  Regardless of type of finish currently on the weapon.  Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Parkerizing, Cerakote, Melonite, Tenifer...

7. Marking process: Hard Anodization (Type III) can have a depth of over .003. The laser is a non-contact form of marking in which a laser machine directs a laser beam to control bleach this anodization all of the way through without removing the anodized protective coating, leaving a permanent white/whitish marking.

AR15 Receiver

Glock Back Plate - Flag

Markable Components Include, but not limited to:

- AR-15 Lowers & Uppers

- Picatinny "Pic" Rails

- Ejection Port Covers
- Magazines & Clips

- Charging Handles

- Pistol Slides

- Pistol Back Plates

- Most any flat surface

Glock Back Plate - AF

ARAK21 Uppers

Firearm Transfers

Liberty Laser LLC is able to accept transfers from Licensed FFL dealers and will gladly assist you with your firearm transfers. Please bring a valid form of government issued I.D. upon pick up of your firearm. There is a $30.00 fee for transfer-in items.

How does the Firearm Transfer work?

  1. Contact your original firearm Dealer for information on shipping to Liberty LaserLLC
  2. You will be contacted by the Liberty Laser, when the firearm has arrived
  3. When you pick up your firearm, please bring a valid form of government I.D.
  4. You will need to complete an ATF Form 4473
  5. You will be charged $30.00 for the firearm transfer

Ohio CC holders will NOT need a Background Check - If CC issued on or after March 23, 2015.  (Ohio House Bill 234 Dec 2014)

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